We are experts in providing the optimum set up for your home theatre system and viewing pleasure and provide Freeview TV installations.

Satellite Products

We provide a comprehensive range of satellite TV decoders, dishes and solutions to meet your viewing needs. We can also provide great solutions to enable you to tune into FM radio. Additional phone lines and data cabling installation or trouble shooting are also in our repertoire.
We stock an extensive range of cables, satellite decoders and TV


Does my built-in Freeview work in North Canterbury?

There are 2 types of built in Freeview available in new TV’s – these are Terrestrial and Satellite.
Terrestrial Freeview is designed for most heavily populated areas like Christchurch so coverage is limited North of Amberley.
A Satellite system is required to be built into your new TV for you to be able to get Freeview beyond the Amberley area. Otherwise a separate satellite decoder is required.

Why do I have a problem with getting FM reception on my radio?

Most problems arise because of the geographical formation in North Canterbury (many hills).
Most of these problems can be solved by installing a good quality FM aerial with a signal booster.

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